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Welcome to my web site. I studied to become a lawyer so that I could help people. About six or seven years into my career, I found I knew more about the law than I knew about how to help people. I pursued a second professional degree, this time in the ministry. I’m not sure that being a lawyer made me a better minister, but being a minister made me a better lawyer.

Why is that? It comes down to this: the best lawyers know as much about human nature as they do about the law. For whatever reason, my legal education (at top-ten law school) didn’t give me all the tools I needed to excel at being a lawyer. This is no discredit to my law professors, who were excellent role models on how to think like a lawyer.

What I learned in my second career is the most powerful communications method ever developed: active listening. I sometimes refer to it as using a “third ear.” This means more than hearing the words. It includes the feeling tone behind the words, and often the words left unspoken.

This is what I now bring to all my work as a lawyer: a comprehensive view of each client, which takes into account both the legal and human dimensions of the problem that brings them to my office (or my web site). I’ve been using this approach for more than twenty years now. I’m grateful to the clients who have helped me refine it along the way, both in courtroom work and non-litigation settings.

My motto is, “Making a better world, one client at a time.” That means giving my client full attention while they help me understand the chain of events that led them to seek my help, while also trying to see how the problem fits into their life as a whole.

My method may not be right for everyone. The purpose of a meeting with a potential client is to let each of us find out if we can work together to make that client’s “world” a better place.

So please review the other parts of the web site to see if the kind of service described makes sense to you. If yes, give me a call or use the contact link on the site. If not, I wish you success in finding the right lawyer for you. Thanks for visiting nardonilaw.com.

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