From simple estate plan drafting and administration matters to complex litigation issues, our knowledgeable professionals are ready to assist you. Pasadena business and probate attorney Silvio Nardoni considers the whole life situation of the client rather than focusing just on the facts of an individual case. We look at the big picture in order to best carry out your wishes.

Silvio Nardoni at his Desk

How Do You Approach Trust and Probate Matters?

We view this area as more than mere document preparation. To us, estate planning is much more than a brief consultation and some follow-up documents.

There are many different types of wills and trusts available in California. We feel it does our clients a disservice if we focus on only a few or if we have preconceived notions about your needs. Following our extensive consultation, we go over all your legal options. We carefully examine the pros and cons as they pertain to you, and we never use abstruse buzzwords during this process.

Once we understand your current situation and your goals for the future, we put together a customized estate plan that conforms to these specifications. We then take the extra step to ensure that these documents are correctly executed and legally enforceable.

Putting your plan into written form is only part of the overall process. Independent executors shoulder considerable responsibility and make substantial time commitments. Sometimes, that is a lot to ask of any one person. Joint executors are possible, but cumbersome. Naming a private company is an option as well, but many of these firms are rather impersonal.

To fill in the gap, we offer administration services that you can rely on. Pasadena business and probate attorney Silvio Nardoni has that personal touch which an individual offers to go along with the resources of a large estate administration company.

We are also there for your probate litigation needs. We aggressively stand up for your rights in court while serving as a powerful voice for both you and your voiceless loved ones. Through the same attention to detail and open communication, we produce results which often exceed your expectations.

What Happens If I’m Involved in a Real Estate Dispute?

Property co-ownership is very common in Pasadena, often because of inheritance and other issues. Multiple ownership almost always means multiple goals. When these goals collide and litigation results, we are committed to the fastest and most equitable resolution possible.

However, that does not mean we compromise just for the sake of “getting it over with.” In fact, the opposite is true. Pasadena business and probate attorney Silvio Nardoni employes a variety of legal tools to uphold your interests. That includes items such as injunctions which preserve the status quo while the litigation runs its course. We represent both plaintiffs and defendants in these actions.

Do You Approach Business Litigation Differently?

At many law firms, the answer is “yes.” Many attorneys view contract disputes, collection matters, and other such disagreements as a fight between two businesses. So, their approach is cold and impersonal.

But Pasadena business and probate attorney Silvio Nardoni does not forget that businesses are made up of people. This attitude often helps us find common ground between two parties and bring the litigation to an early and successful conclusion. Furthermore, we always look for lasting and sustainable solutions as opposed to the quickest way out. Such an approach may be more labor-intensive, but that is an investment we are willing to make.

Document preparation, estate planning, and litigation services are just the beginning. We draw strength from our diverse areas of practice, just as the Pasadena community draws strength from its diversity. For a free consultation with an experienced business and probate attorney in Pasadena, contact the Law Office of Silvio Nardoni. After-hours appointments are available.


If you want to develop a meaningful estate plan, need advice about your legal rights in a probate dispute, or want tenacious representation in a business dispute, we are here to help. Contact us today for a free consultation.