Commercial litigation matters are highly disruptive to your business, to say the least. Most owners want to devote their time and money to things like strategic planning and business development. But if there is an ongoing legal dispute, these precious resources are redirected to litigation matters. The other side usually feels the same way, which is why many of these matters settle rather quickly. But a prompt resolution is not your only priority. It is also critically important that your voice is heard and that your rights are protected.

Securing Your Best Interests in Glendale

Experienced Pasadena business litigation attorneys, like Silvio Nardoni, know how to strike the proper balance. During the in-depth initial consultation, Mr. Nardoni knows what questions to ask. After clearly establishing your goals and priorities, our professional team works hard to execute the plan that attorney and client develop together. So, the end results often exceed our clients’ expectations.

What Pasadena Business Litigation Matters Do You Handle?

Almost all California business owners are involved in litigation at one time or another. Many times, the dispute arises through no fault of their own. During our more than thirty years in Southern California, we have successfully handled all manner of these disputes. We focus on:

  • Ownership Disputes: When many partners and other co-owners launch their enterprises, they are on the same page. But over time, circumstances or goals change and disagreements develop. When these disagreements become Pasadena business litigation disputes, we are there.
  • Vendor and Supplier Issues: Most California businesses operate with very narrow margins. They depend on a steady supply of goods or services, consistent payment terms, and other such items. If supply problems significantly impact your business, an attorney may need to help set things right.
  • Customer Problems: Due to ownership changes, financial uncertainties, or just plain bad luck, customer relationships which have been mutually profitable for years can unexpectedly go sour. Usually, our approach is to be very proactive and address these issues early on.
  • Collections Issues: Those thin profit margins (or expended  high-profit engagements) also depend on prompt payment according to the agreed contract terms. If this process breaks down, your business needs immediate solutions. That is what we offer.

How Do You Protect My Business Interests?

Every business litigation case, and every client, is different. So, it has been our experience that a systematic approach works much better than rummaging through a legal toolbox.

The first consideration is the nature of the legal problem. If the dispute is a one-off that is unlikely to occur again, an early and confidential settlement is often in the client’s best interests. On the other hand, if the issue involves a form contract or a routine transaction, we assume a much more aggressive posture. We want to make sure that the current dispute doesn’t mushroom into a bigger problem.

Next, we develop a cohesive theme. This message must remain consistent throughout the discovery and pretrial motions phase and into the resolution phase.

Finally, and perhaps more importantly, attorney and client work together to form a clear definition of a “win.” It is amazing how many Pasadena business litigation attorneys begin these legal marathons without clearly knowing where the finish line is. Whatever your definition of success is, that is the one that we normally use.

How Will the Case Be Resolved?

A staggering 97 percent of civil cases either settle before trial or are dismissed before trial. Dismissals are rare unless the evidence is one-sided and an attorney’s legal arguments are very effective. Most judges do not allow these cases to go forward. So, most Pasadena business litigation attorneys resolve cases through:

  • Informal Negotiation: Sometimes, the attorneys on each side can forge a mutually acceptable resolution. As mentioned earlier, both sides are often interested in an early settlement. So, these negotiations often bear fruit.
  • Formal Mediation: Judges strongly urge the use of mediation procedures in Pasadena business litigation matters. A neutral third party, a retired judge or a lawyer unaffiliated with the case, works to facilitate a settlement. Formal mediation, even if it is court ordered, often succeeds.
  • Arbitration: Many business contracts stipulate that any disputes will go to arbitration rather than trial. An arbiter is much like a judge. This person hears the evidence and arguments of counsel, and then makes a decision. Sometimes arbitration is binding and sometimes it is not binding. Determining the most efficient path through an arbitration procedure requires continual adjustment throughout the case.

We will help you determine the best course of action based on the facts of your case and the goals you’ve explained at the very beginning. For assertive and competent representation that makes a difference to your bottom line, contact the Law Offices of Silvio Nardoni for a free consultation. Our main office is conveniently located on E. Colorado Blvd in Pasadena.


If you want to develop a meaningful estate plan, need advice about your legal rights in a probate dispute, or want tenacious representation in a business dispute, we are here to help. Contact us today for a free consultation.