Whether you are a buyer, seller, lessor, or lessee, real estate transactions often mean intricate real estate litigation. When so much is at stake, disputes arise quite often. Many people are rightly concerned about the cost and complexities of these matters. But delaying taking effective action just makes things worse, and that’s an outcome that no one wants. That is why hiring an expert Pasadena real estate litigation attorney is so important to your case.

At the Law Offices of Silvio Nardoni, we are committed to long-term, effective solutions for your family and your business. These practical solutions always start with a conversation between attorney and client. Mr. Nardoni is a former minister which makes him a very good listener. Based on that interchange, attorney and client work together to form a plan of action. Then, our professional team works diligently for you to put that plan into motion.

Glendale Real Estate Litigation

What Kinds of Cases Do You Handle?

Pasadena real estate litigation is a difficult area of law to master because it is so diverse. Many times, there is broad general agreement and an attorney must simply bring the parties together on the specifics. Other times, your real estate litigation attorney must aggressively stand up for a client’s legal and financial rights.

In our experience, real estate litigation can be either of these things or both of them. Furthermore, even the most well-crafted deals can fall apart in an instant. That’s true in all the types of Pasadena real estate litigation cases we handle, which include:

  • Retail: We understand that retailers in California must maintain healthy profit margins in a very competitive environment. So, we look for practical, long-term solutions to the problems these business owners face. That includes areas like business financing, government compliance issues, and consumer complaints.
  • General Commercial: From property inspections to purchase or lease negotiations to the final paperwork, there are a lot of moving parts in California commercial real estate transactions. All these events must take place in accordance with state, federal, and local laws. We help make these matters simple while we aggressively stand up for your rights.
  • Residential: Some law firms treat residential real estate transactions as small-scale commercial transactions. But that’s not the approach we use. While there are definitely some similarities, a residential real estate transaction is often the largest business deal either party has ever made. Moreover, buying or selling a home is often a milestone in a person’s life. The stakes may be much higher than the amount of money involved.

Are Oral Agreements Effective in Real Estate Cases?

Local film magnate Samuel Goldwyn supposedly once said that “a verbal contract isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.” His analysis was spot-on in terms of Pasadena real estate litigation. The Statute of Frauds requires that the following contracts must be in writing to be enforceable:

  • Sales of real estate or land,
  • Surety agreements (e.g. Person A agrees to assume Person B’s debts), and
  • Contracts that cannot be fully performed within one year.

Oral agreements may be legally unenforceable, but they are not meaningless. To return to the previous example, if Person A later denies that she agreed to assume Person B’s debts, her prior promise may be admissible. That statement may hinder her credibility with the judge or jury and give Person B a better chance of success. Other times, an oral promise accompanied by some other conduct may be enforceable.

What Can I Do to Keep the Other Party from Selling the Property Before the Case is Decided?

An injunction is often appropriate in these cases. Rules vary according to the type of case and the type of relief requested. But in general Pasadena real estate litigation matters, the applicant must establish:

  • A prima facie (preliminary) case for relief,
  • Substantial likelihood of harm, and
  • Potential damages that money alone cannot satisfy.

Once the judge or jury hears all the evidence from both sides, a temporary injunction or restraining order can often become a permanent injunction that provides a long-term solution.

There are other methods that don’t involve the difficulty and expense of an injunction. Knowing which technique to use comes with the more than forty years’ experience we have in handling real estate litigation matters.

Your Pasadena Real Estate Litigation Attorney

Serious Pasadena real estate litigation matters require an equally serious attorney. For a free consultation with an experienced Pasadena real estate litigation attorney, contact the Law Offices of Silvio Nardoni. We routinely handle cases in Los Angeles County and nearby jurisdictions.


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